I have been patient of Carmen Trujillo for severeal weeks . She came to me when my lymphedema of my right arm was badly swollen. I had gone to other therapist who did not agreesively treat the arm and therefore I was desperate for help. Carmen took over with her professional knowledge and within weeks my swelling has reduced dramatically. She has made every effort to make me knowledgeable of my ailment and to help me maintain the therapy I need for myself. I feel independent now because of her . I highly recommend her as a lymphatic therapist. She is professional and knows what she is doing . Sincerely, 

Marilyn McDevitt.

Carmen's Class was one of the very best things I've ever done for myself! It was like therapy on steroids with equal parts spirituality

Karen Dieter Kallinowski

In the words of Oprah, Carmen's workshop was "life changing". Carmen is the definition of authenticity which is what makes it so easy to open up to her. You feel her passion for wanting to help others and make a difference in your like . She has perfected the balance of compassion and though love, guiding you through your life patterns until you have that "ah-ha" moment . The 8 weeks I spendt with her was truly a journey of self discovery. I look forward to continuing my journey with Carmen . 

Nicole  Woessner

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